Brand Story

Goats milk is known for its powerful healing properties and has been used since ancient times to repair dry, damaged skin. Even Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, known for being one of the world’s most beautiful women, bathed luxuriously in goats milk everyday to enhance and preserve her natural beauty. 

Hundreds of years later, the anti inflammatory properties in goats milk have been known to fight skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and effectively increase skin hydration levels. 

Goats milk makes such a remarkable difference to the skin because it is full of natural exfoliants alpha-hydroxy and caprylic acids, which promote skin cell turnover, resulting in healthy, new cells. 


The essential fatty acids in goats milk have a unique pH which is similar to humans. So if you suffer with sensitive skin, goats milk products are easily absorbed and are much less irritating than other ingredients often found in other topical skin products. Additionally, these fatty acids are highly moisturising and those who apply goats milk to their skin, gain continuous moisture replenishment throughout the day. 

At Thank Goat we have established a premium skincare range utilising the potency of goats milk and other, all-natural ingredients. 

We believe in creating products that are free from parabens, nasty chemicals and toxins. By steering clear of these harsh chemicals, we ensure that our Australian goats milk nourishes and effectively works on your skin for optimal skin health. 

At Thank Goat we ensure that our products provide the purest ingredients available to accommodate your skincare needs. 

Our pledge to you, our goats are our friends, all of our products are milked with love and made with the utmost care and kindness. 

We are 100% Australian owned and all of our products are proudly sourced and made in Australia.