Brighten Your Skin With Our Sun Recovery Mask.

Brighten Your Skin With Our Sun Recovery Mask.

September, the start of Spring for many of us and a time when we can look forward to the warmth of the sun on our skin whilst lying poolside with a cocktail. Although we can finally put down our umbrellas and get ready for some sunshine, we need to ensure our skincare routine is also adapted so our skin is well looked after for the hot months to come.

When our skin is exposed to harsh rays it will lack moisture and cause damage, adding years to our appearance and limit us achieving that bright, youthful complexion we all long for. Without the right barrier of ingredients to the sun, our skin will always be at risk.

At Thank Goat we wanted to target this area specifically as we know looking after our skin in warmer months is crucial. When sun damages our skin by cracking, peeling and burning, we can’t get rid of this without a little extra help.

Enter our Sun Recovery face mask!

Our soothing Sun Recovery face mask not only calms the skin but also provides essential nutrients to gain a bright dewy glow. Rich in antioxidants which protect the skin and help defend against free radical damage, Sun Recovery helps to restore collagen and elasticity in the skin for a firm and even complexion.

Having a clay mask added to your spring beauty routine will help to heal the skin from inflammation as well as create an extra barrier to sun exposure. We have added a few amazing ingredients to Sun Recovery to target pigmentation, redness and sunspots to leave us with a youthful, radiant and brighter complexion.

Goats Milk

Our hero ingredient goat’s milk contains Vitamin D and Vitamin E, which helps to soften the skin, prevent dryness and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Also including Vitamin C, this gives skin strength and promotes collagen production to fight wrinkles.

Licorice Root

Licorice root assists in reducing skin inflammations to help lighten scars and redness. Containing Glabridin which helps to halt melanin production, our skin will appear brighter and less exposed to skin pigmentation.


Helping to rejuvenate dead skin cells and reduce inflammation, Lycopene is also a powerful antioxidant that protects against free radicals.


Sun can bring forward the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles which is what Niacinamide helps to target as well as improving a dull looking complexion.


Known as the master of detoxification, zeolite helps to purify the skin for a milky, smooth and radiant complexion

Applied twice a week, our Sun Recovery mask is the perfect after sun care your skin needs. 

Always remember, when it comes to skin care.... we've goat your back!