Clean Sheets, Clean Skin

Clean Sheets, Clean Skin

Ever woken up and thought ‘that pimple wasn’t there yesterday?’ If the answer is yes, it looks like your sleep ‘situation’ could be a little off balance.

Having a good night sleep is one of the best ways to get great skin and a clear head. In fact, according to the national sleep foundation, going to bed at the same time every night and waking up the same time each morning can help to regulate your body’s internal clock.

At Thank Goat we believe a good night’s sleep is the key to any beauty routine and is essential for our skin to be replenished, rejuvenated and looking pretty amazing. We like to take a holistic approach to beauty and target all areas, not just with using our range, so that skin can be rewarded from the inside out.


Dirty sheets are one of the main reasons we develop breakouts. Cotton pillows are very bad at holding onto sweat and bacteria that builds up in the night. By not regularly washing your sheets your skin will be prone to pimples. Be sure to change your sheets every two weeks, your skin will thank you for it.


Having a warm bath will help to relax your body and also your mind. Warm water can also help cleanse the body from toxins and repair skin cells to increase elasticity.


Thank Goats skincare has all been made with the key ingredient, goats milk. Goats milk has the closest pH level to that of human skin making it a gentle moisturiser to use at night. We love using our gel cleanser made with aloe vera to wipe away bacteria from the face, leaving it clean and fresh. Our light face moisturiser with Shea and glycerin works deep into the skin to leave you with a hydrated glow. Once a week, dedicate an extra ten minutes to adding in a clay mask. Clay is great at drawing out impurities from the skin and is great to use at night so that sleep can work its magic.


Sleeping on a silk surface means less moisture will be taken from your skin. As cotton draws moisture from our skin, silk on the other hand does quite the opposite. When sleeping on silk, your skin will be less prone to breakouts and irritation.


Your body relies on enough sleep for you to function properly the next day. By getting a full eight hours every night it will help you reach the deepest level of sleep which is the time when your skin cells are able to be replenished.

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