Goats Milk | The Cure For Dry Skin (no, we ain't kid-ding!)

Goats Milk | The Cure For Dry Skin (no, we ain't kid-ding!)

For those of us with dry skin it can seem like a never ending quest to keep skin hydrated while avoiding reactions to skin products. Us goats put our hands up, we know what it’s like to have dry skin, especially when we know how badly temperature, air con, diets and weather change can also affect it.

At Thank Goat we learnt that just because a product is labeled as suitable for dry skin, doesn't mean the skin care product gives your skin the care it needs to heal and prevent further damage.

Common dry skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis are more sensitive to this therefore keeping on top of this and knowing what ingredients work best will stop you using products that leave skin feeling dry and tight.

What ingredients you should ask? Well funny you should say that because at Thank Goat we are all about Goats Milk and the positive results we have seen from using it as a cure for dry skin. One of the great things about Goats Milk is that it has a PH level close to that of humans meaning it is brilliant in helping skin achieve an alkalized state. When skin is too acidic we will see reactions such as acne, dry or inflamed skin.

When we look at Eczema and Psoriasis the main problem is that it leaves skin feeling dry and sore. When Goats Milk is absorbed into the skin it creates a moisture barrier whereas all the proteins and fatty acids that are found in Goats Milk helps skin to stay softer and smoother for longer. Goat’s Milk is also full of alpha hydroxyl acids. This encourages the growth of new cells and helps to remove a lot of dead skin cells (yeayh!) The cracks and gaps between cells will also benefit from Goats Milk as well, providing you with all the hydration you need!

Remember..when it comes to dry skin...we’ve goat your back!

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