We spoke to lifestyle blogger, Andrea Kovszun on her Summer Beauty Essentials!

We spoke to lifestyle blogger, Andrea Kovszun on her Summer Beauty Essentials!

Andy Kovszun is the dream girl you see walking down the street. Yoga instructor and surf chick, Andy encapsulates the term 'beach babe' to an absolute tee. Thank Goat was delighted to sit down with Andy to talk about everything from yoga, to surfing and above all how she maintains having amazing skin in the heat of the Australian summer.  

Psst we'll give you a clue, it could be something to do with Thank Goat!

TG: Hi Andy, thanks so much for chatting with us at Thank Goat! Tell us, what made you want to start your lifestyle blog?

AK: Hi Guys! Thanks for having me.

I started No Shoes No Worries for many different reasons. I loved to tell stories and wanted a place to share my knowledge on yoga, my passion for surfing and the beach lifestyle. I’ve always been a writer, and have a background in journalism. After spending many years modelling as a teen, I also developed a very keen interest in photography. The amalgamation of all these things made me want to create my own little world, the one that was always thriving in my head and imagination.

A lot of the things I loved to do, i.e. surfing and yoga, revolve around a certain way of life; being shoeless, exploring your own backyard, enjoying the small pleasures, taking the time to do what makes you happiest, making yourself and your dreams your #1 priority.

Hence, No Shoes No Worries was born. For myself, and for all the women around me who are looking to live a fearless life of adventure.

TG: We can see that you're an avid surfer, what is it that you love about surfing that keeps you getting back into the water?

AK: Surfing is so much fun. Even though it is a bit of a struggle to learn at first, and to this day even when I’m caught in a less-then-fun situation in the ocean, there’s this amazing, humbling, hit-the-reset-button energy that always comes out of it. Similar to yoga, it’s a type of meditation. You immediately get into this groove when you paddle out, as if all your thoughts and to do lists of the day vanish after one wave. It forces you to keep calm, to observe and react accordingly. You’re focused on one thing, riding the wave. There is no place for self-doubt in the ocean, you’ve got to make a decision and commit, or you’ll quite literally, eat sand. I love it because it’s as much a freeing discipline as any other. Just like yoga, it’s a practice. There’s no perfection or better-then-everyone-else attitude. You just go for it and enjoy.

TG: As you are in the water so much, what do you do to make sure you are looking after your hair and skin?

AK: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! My mother couldn’t tell me enough, I still remember her chasing me around the house with face cream and hair conditioner when I was a kid. I’ve always been a water baby and pretty much have salt engrained on my skin and hair. If I’m surfing, I need to make sure that all the heavy zinc/sunscreen is completely off at the end of the day, or it tends to clog up my pores and give me pimples. Cleansing with an all-natural face wash is essential too.

I use oils on the ends of my hair, like coconut oil or these amazing essential oils I found from Hawaii and always moisturise my face twice a day, morning and night. It’s important to have these types of regular beauty habits from a very early age.

TG: What is one beauty secret you can share with us?

AK: Don’t really think of it much as a secret, but I like to keep it as simple as possible! Simple, natural ingredients, simple routine. The less complicated, the better for your skin. Wash your face before bed, moisturise day and night. SPF is vital (especially in Australia!)

TG: At Thank Goat we are all about consistency with skincare to great results, do you have day and night time routine at all?

AK: Absolutely – In the morning, I’ll always splash my face with some water, and always, always, always wear a daily moisturiser with some sort of SPF (even in winter or cloudy days). If I’m surfing, I’ll wear a tinted zinc and at night I make sure to wash all the dirt off with cleanser. If I’ve had a long day in the sun, I’ll put on a face mask like the Thank Goat Sun Recovery Clay Mask (Which I am absolutely obsessed with at the moment) – I can physically see my skin brighten up and clear up when I use the mask. As mentioned before my pores tend to clog up with all the oils from being out in the sun all day and using sunscreen. The Clay Mask has this amazing, refreshing feel to it. As if my skin gets to hit the reset button after a long day. I’ll follow up with the Thank Goat moisturiser for bed. It’s so rich and thick, feels amazing on my face!

TG: In summer, we all know we need to change our skincare routine and diet up a little bit, is there anything you like to do to make sure you are giving your skin extra love in the sun?

AK: A part from the SPF factor that I’ve mentioned a couple times, I always wear a hat if I’m out on the beach or in the sun for long periods of time. Or sit under an umbrella. The sun in these parts of the world are especially damaging and it’s really important to protect your face as much as possible.

TG: Lastly, we all know lifestyle factors can cause stress on our body which in turn can make our skin stressed and irritated. What do you do to de-clutter your mind and stress from your life?

AK: Yoga has been a very big part of my life for the past few years. As an instructor, I get to talk and teach it everyday, but nothing feels more mind-decluttering or stress relieving then your own practice. Taking the time for yourself, whether that be a yoga class, a walk out in nature or something you really like to do for yourself. It’s important to have rituals and routine that replenish your heart and soul, no matter how simple