We Talk To Our Founder, Josh Gibson On All Things Goats Milk

We Talk To Our Founder, Josh Gibson On All Things Goats Milk

TG: Josh, please tell us why you wanted to focus on a skincare brand after your football career?

JG: The decision to focus on a skincare brand actually came about while I was still playing football. I’ve always had sensitive skin for as long as I can remember. Over the years I’ve had reactions to different body washes, moisturisers and other products I’ve tried.

After plenty of research and trialing different products, I came across Goats milk and found that this didn’t irate my skin. I knew then that I needed to create a goats milk base skin care brand that would help so many people just like me.

TG: Did you have any skin issues growing up that concerned you?

JG: I just found that my skin was very sensitive. So a lot of moisturisers and body washes would leave me feeling itchy and irritated. If I wasn’t using good quality products then I knew I had an issue.

TG: What is the reason goats milk is the hero ingredient in the range?

JG: The reason for using Goats Milk as the hero ingredients is simple. The PH level is goats milk is the closest to the human skin making it great for people with sensitive skin. Nothing bests goats milk for hydrating your skin.

TG: As you know, other lifestyle factors affect the health of our skin, what else do you do to keep healthy?

JG: I live a very active lifestyle. I love to work our every morning, whether that be in the gym or doing some circuit based training. I’m always out and about with my dog Rocco too.

TG: What is your favourite product from the range?

JG: My favourite products would definitely have to be the Gel Cleanser along with the Day & Night cream. I use both of these products every day!!!!

TG: What is happening for Thank Goat in the new year?

JG: We have some exciting things up our sleeve, which we’ll look into launching in 2019!!! You’ll just have to stay tuned as I don’t want to give much away.

TG: Where can Thank Goat be purchased?

JG: You can purchase thank goat through our own website: www.thankgoat.com.au or you can now find us at Myers stores right across Australia and online