Why Miranda Kerr Cleanses Her Body With Goats Milk

Why Miranda Kerr Cleanses Her Body With Goats Milk

When you hear the word ‘cleanse’ you would usually associate this with green vegetables and lots of juices to give you more energy, right?

What you might not know however is how this is not the only way to cleanse your body from toxic build up.

Recently, Miranda Kerr and fellow natural food lover Gwyneth Paltrow have both been in the news for completing a ‘goats milk cleanse’ created by Gwyneth’s GOOP nutritionist Linda Lancaster.

The cleanse, which involved being able to drink an endless amount of the milk, as well taking some herbs every two hours was recommended to Kerr and Paltrow, and apparently all the convincing they needed was being told, “you’ll feel really good.”

So why would this be a good way to cleanse you might say?

Linda Lancaster explains that because of the natural fats goats milk has its very good at cleansing your body of parasites, heavy metals and healing your gut lining. Heavy metals and parasites in the body can cause abdominal pain, bad digestion as well as affecting your nervous system.

As it turns out Kerr explained she felt much better from doing the cleanse. “I just felt more energised, like it cleans you out. You don’t do it to lose weight, but it felt like my eyes were clearer, and I was thinking clearer. And I thought it was a really great way to kind of detox the intestines”.

If you are not keen on doing a solid food - free diet for eight days, Goats Milk has always been known as a way to heal the body topically as well. As its high in essential fats, goats milk is great at hydrating our skin. With its anti inflammatory properties that help to soothe skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema we can see why this would also be the reason it is good for calming your intestines and your gut lining.

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