From the Founder, Josh Gibson

As a former professional football player and someone who has suffered from sensitive skin issues all my life, having healthy skin has been important to me from a young age. Growing up, I found that my skin would react to almost everything - body washes, soaps and even gentle moisturisers! 


Over the years, I started to research deeper and familiarise myself with the best skin care methods for sensitive skin. I read many personal stories too, ones that resonated with my own skin issues growing up. This is when I came across goats milk. 

The pH level in goats milk is the closest to the human skin. For years, people have been calling it a healing miracle for their eczema and sensitivity problems.

I began to scope what products were currently on the market, but was quickly disappointed to see such a distinct gap of high quality skincare we so clearly need. I saw this as an opportunity to develop a skincare range that caters for all skin types, whilst also having an ingredients list full of naturally sourced products and without forgetting the healing miracle that is goats milk. 


“Thank Goat is the brand I wish was in the market when I was a child growing up.”